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We also provide embroidery services on many other items, such as bath towels, bath robes, tea towels, pillow cases, and so on. We have just listed the most popular items. Basically, we can embroider logos on nearly anything.

On Towels
Due to the rough surface of the material, embroidery on bath towels or bath robes may easily cause the phenomenon that the embroidered logo does not show up clearly. That's because the stitches can easily fall into the fabric. Therefore, it normally requires more stitches or using a soluble solvy on the top.

The logo positions for different towels may vary. It is up to individual preference. Generally speaking, the logo is put near the corner or in the centre above the seam.

If you have any enquiries or you have an item to be embroidered which we haven't listed, please feel free to contact us. Click here to send us an enquiry.