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Embroidered aprons with company names and logos are great for restaurants,  hair salons, food sellers, carpenters, and so on. Generally speaking, the logo embroidered on aprons can be bigger than on other apparel. That's because aprons are more spacious to do the logos on their upper front centre than the apparel.

 Bib Aprons
There are a couple positions where the logo can be sewed:
4if the apron does not have a big pocket on the front, the logo can be done on the front chest
4if the apron has a big pocket on the front, the logo can go either onto the front chest centre 
   above the pocket, or on the pocket.

 Waist ApronsThere are also a few positions available for the logo embroidery:
4It can be embroidered on the centre
4The left or right of the corners