Embroidery On Caps, Hats

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Embroidered caps with the company logo and contact number or website can easily increase the chances that customers reach you and know what you specialize in. 
There is a size requirement when the logo goes onto the front of caps and hats. The height of the logo cannot be more than 65mm.

On Caps4 1 logo
Basically, if there is one logo for the cap, the front position is the best option.

4 2 logos or more
We can put one logo on the front, and the other on the back, for example the website. We can also utilize the sides of caps for additional embroidery.


  On Beanies4 1 logo
The logo goes onto the front or the back for beanies.

4 2 logos or more
We can put one logo on the front and the other on the back. If the other logo is a website, it will be a straight line, which is different from the caps. If the logos are more than two, the others can be put on the sides. Normally, the number of logos is no more than two.

  On Bucket Hats

4 1 logo
There's no difference between the front and the back. However, the back of the hat has a label inside.

4 2 logos or more
The logo positions are quite the same as for the beanies.