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Because the fabric is quite fleecy, the stitches are normally easier to disappear into the fabric than other normal fabrics to some extent. Therefore, small letters are not recommended on the fleecy garments. In order to help the logo show up better, we usually put more stitches or use a soluble film (called solvy), when we do embroidery on the polar fleeces.

  1 logo
The logo can be placed on the LH chest or RH chest. For some of mens polar fleeces, there's a seam on the chest, and we will put the logo above it.

  2 logos
4Option 1: LH chest + RH chest
4Option 2: LH chest + RH sleeve
4Option 3: LH chest + Back under the collar

  More than 2  logos
4Option 1: LH chest + RH chest + LH or RH sleeve
4Option 2: LH chest + RH chest + Back just under the collar
4Option 3: LH chest + RH chest + Back (when it's a large logo)