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Many of the jackets have a zip inside, which joints the inner and outer sides of the jackets. We will unzip it and hoop the jackets right betwee the inner and outer sides so the stitch will not go through the jacket's inner layer.

  1 logo
Some jackets have a seam right across the chest. The logo can be embroidered on the LH chest above or underneath it, depending on the position of the seam.

  2 logos
There are a few options:
4Option 1: LH chest + RH chest.
4Option 2: LH chest + Back (above or under the seam if there's any)
When there's a logo goes onto the back, it normally is a website or a large logo in most cases.

   More than 2 logos
Option 1: LH chest + RH chest + Back
The logo put on the back is always the biggest one.

The two sleeves are also an optional spots to put the logos. It's up to customers' preference.