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Embroidery on T-shirts is quite in common with that on polos. The difference is that the fabric of T-shirts is more stretchy than polos.



  1 logo
The logo can be placed either on the LH chest or on the RH chest. The standard position is LH Chest. 

  2 logos
There are three ideal options: 
4Option 1: LH chest + RH chest
4Option 2: LH chest + RH sleeve
4Option 3: LH chest + on the back just under the collar


Large logos
When the logo is large and has a lot of stitches, it is not recommended to put the logo on the T-shirts. The stitches will pull and crimple the fabric and make it look not nice.

  Stretchy Fabrics
  Stretchy fabrics may cause the stitch quality to be poor. Furher more, that might cause 
  a thread ball during the production, and damage the fabrics. In order to improve the 
  stitch details and quality, we will use a sort of water soluble film, called solvy, as a topping, when we hoop the garments, when the materials are stretchy. That slows down the work process, but more importantly, it improves the stitch quality.