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Polos are one of the most popular apparel on which the logos are embroidered. Different type of polos may involve different logo allocations.

  1 logo
Normally the logo goes onto the Left Hand Chest. However, some customers might prefer the Right Hand Chest. When there is a pocket, the logo can be 10-20mm above it. If the pocket looks quite high,  the logo can go onto the opposite side of the chest.

  2 logos
Ideally, there are three options: 
4Option 1: LH chest + RH chest.
4Option 2: LH chest + RH sleeve.
4Option 3: LH chest + on the back just under the collar.

   More than 2 logos
If there are more than two logos, the other positions where the logos can be located onto are the other sleeve and the back.

  Large logos
  When one of the logos is quite large, for example, the company's website, or enlarged
  company logos, it should go on to the back of the shirts.