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We provide a variety of embroidery services to individual customers, for example personalised embroidery services, decoration embroidery and so on. We embroider emblems on items in a wide range from bunny rugs to pillow covers, and from bath towels to sleepwear. Whatever they are, we can always embroider your preferred emblem on them.

  Personalised Gift
Looking for a personalised gift? At Beyond Emblem, we can turn your great idea into a nice and well-presented gift pack. Wouldn't it be nice to embroider a cute cartoon emblem along with a new-born baby's name on a bunny rug or a pillow case as a gift?

    Art Embroidery
  Yes, it’s a painting. but, it's not done by hand. It was executed by an embroidery 
  machine. Check out our gallery to browse for a bigger photo. 


Need assistance?
If you have an item on which you want to put an emblem, please feel free to contact us:

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4Call us on 03 9532 5880  -  9:00am - 5:00pm, Mon - Fri