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 Quality Embroidery Threads 
  We use quality rayon embroidery threads, which enhance the production and 
  the stitch quality. Thread breaks or splits can cause the embroidered logo to 
  look unsmooth. Each thread break means that the that part of the logo will 
  be sewed again, as the machine needs to be reversed and re-run. We are 
  always managing to minimize the thread breaks and machine stops to make 
  the logo look better.

 Thread Colours
We have a couple of hundred thread colours for you to choose from. No matter
what colour your logo is, we can always find the right colour to match it. Basically, we will choose the thread colours that best match the logo you give  
us, based on the artwork or sample you give us. Then, we'll run a sample for you to approve if it is required.

 If we don't have the colour you want  
  Don't  worry. If you know the PANTONE code of your logo colour, tell us that  
  pantone code. We will use our thread matching system to find the substitute  
  colour of the pantone code.  And we will make a purchase of the threads.