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   Quality and Reliable Embroidery Machines
  To assure the stitch quality, we equip us with brand new quality   and reliable  Barudan embroidery machines, which reliability is ranked No.1 in USA. When the machines run smoothly, the embroidered logos will simply look better.

   Well Trained Machinists
To a certain extent, the embroidery quality is influenced by the machinist  
who runs the embroidery machine. Well trained machinists can always assure  the machine is running right and the result looks good.
Our machinists  are highly experienced in running machines and they are well trained in the quality control process.

  Threads Selection
  It is very important to imput the thread colors in the order exactly the same as 
  indicated in the production sheet. One simple error will cause the logo to be 
  sewed in wrong and totally different colors. Therefore, it requires the  
  machinists to be very experienced and very careful.