New and Repeat Jobs

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  New Jobs
When it's a new job, customers will be required to provide us the artwork of their  logos in a format of PDF, BMP or JPG to digitise. A digitising set-up fee will  be charged based on the number of stitches and complexity of the logo. After the artwork has been digitised, we will run a few samples on the sampling machine to test the stitch quality and make sure that the quality is good. For more information, please click here to send us an enquiry. 

  Repeat Jobs
Each time a job is done, customers will be given an item number of the artwork, which has been set up. When the job is repeated, you simply tell us the item number and no extra cost will occur. However, when an alteration is involved, an extra cost might apply, depending on the volume of the work. In many cases, we don't charge the alteration fee, if it's just related to lettering.

Normally, the turnaround time of repeat jobs is quicker than new jobs, it eliminates the time for setting up.